Life in Hollywood, below-the-line

Life in Hollywood, below-the-line
Work gloves at the end of the 2006/2007 television season (photo by Richard Blair)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Ahem... this post is directed at any and all of you who've subscribed to the e-mail feed here at BS&T, and thus find each post waiting in your in-box a few hours after it goes up on the blog. To say that I have no idea  how the technology works is a massive understatement -- this internet stuff just feels like magic to me -- but as we all know, sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn't.

Then again, it usually comes down to human error: my human error.

Just such an error occurred earlier today, when a post I was working on for future publication (weeks from now) inadvertently went up on the blog.

How inadvertently? Well, instead of clicking the "save" button, I hit the "publish" button, and immediately regretted it.* I deleted the post from the blog, of course -- it's a complete mess that's nowhere near finished -- but among the many things I don't know is whether deleting that post will prevent it from heading out over the interweb wires to you.** 

I suspect not, and in that case, you may have already received (or will soon receive) an absurdly incomplete and chaotic post in the mail.  If that's what happened, please accept my apology. Ignore that post, and in a few weeks the real thing will show up. The finished product may or may not be much better, but it should make more sense.

This has happened before, and will probably happen again -- and truth be told, there may only be two or three of you who subscribe to that e-mail link. I have no way of knowing. At any rate, I'm sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for your patience, and for tuning in...

* Just be glad I'm only a humble juicer-turned-blogger, and not a Fire Control Officer deep in a Minuteman missile silo under the frozen plains of Montana, where pushing the wrong button could result in nuclear annihilation... 

** I'll find out soon enough, though, because I subscribe to my own e-mail feed just for the purposes of quality control.


Michael Taylor said...

Okay -- since that unfinished post didn't show up in my e-mail feed, apparently it didn't go out after all. Good.

As Roseannaroseannadanna used to say: "never mind..."

Anonymous said...

good to hear you found your way back to the beginning... k