Life in Hollywood, below-the-line

Life in Hollywood, below-the-line
Work gloves at the end of the 2006/2007 television season (photo by Richard Blair)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


In like a lion, dazed and confused...

A funny thing happened to this week’s post – rather than going on-line Sunday, as planned, it somehow appeared in this space on Friday. Those of you familiar with Blogger (or any of the other popular blog hosting services, I imagine) know it's easy enough to schedule a post to appear at a predetermined date/time in the future. I do this fairly frequently, writing a post during the week, then clicking “post options” to publish the post at 12:00 noon the following Sunday. This leaves me time to go over the post, correct typos, and make any edits in a relatively leisurely manner.

Things didn’t quite work out this week. I followed the usual procedure with what was supposed to be today’s post, but rather than following orders, “Back to the Grind” went rogue, breaking out of its digital holding cell and posting sometime Friday, laden with misspellings, typos, and -- as Strunk and White would say -- “needless words.”

My first impulse was to point the finger of blame somewhere else, in this case, aiming my scorn at Blogger, which does have a tendency to go sideways with some regularity. But this time, the problem came from a most unexpected source -- my wall calendar, which lured me into believing that today would be February 29. I dutifully entered that date on the schedule, which apparently confused the Blogger software so much that it immediately published the post.

Thus the shame and heartbreak of premature blog-jaculation... Live and learn.

Despite this – and my currently work-flattened, utterly inert brain – I have not come to this Sunday morning empty-handed. Here are the two most recent “Martini Shot” commentaries on life above-the-line from Rob Long, at his pithy best, along with an astonishing Youtube performance that really must be watched/listened to, rather than described by mere words on a screen.

All in all, these three little gems will occupy less than 13 minutes of your busy day. Check 'em out -- you won't be disappointed.




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